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Review of the UltraStrap from LumiQuest...

We had the pleasure of taking the new UltraStrap from LumiQuest for a test drive and loved it.

It's the first tensioning strap we have used and as far as we know, the ONLY tensioning strap on the market.

I can't tell you what a difference it makes when you apply it to your flash head, it goes on easier and stays on more securely (it will hold up to 3 pounds).

I am sure everyone out there has experienced their softbox "creeping" down so that in no time it's pointing towards the floor instead of your subject. During a shoot you need your tools to work well, you don't want to keep adjusting it or having to apply gaffers tape to help it do its job.

The UltraStrap is inexpensive ($7.95 with free shipping), and very will made so you will own it (and use it) for a very long time.

The sign of a good product is when we get one for review, then after trying it going out and buying more, the UltraStrap is one of those products.

Below is a quick (1 minute) video review, if you are a subscriber you'll need to return to the blog or head directly to our YouTube channel to watch it.

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