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Our food contest winner is...

Two things...

First, sorry, I really did want to post this earlier in the day but "I am a bit behind my time".

Second, be sure to read to the very end of this post (you'll be mad if you don't).

Now, to the task at hand, announcing the winner.

As always, a big thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in this contest, a bunch of people left comments, joined our Flickr group, and uploaded some outstanding images.

Be sure to check out the Weekly Photo Tips Flickr page as our readers really do upload some inspirational work

The winner of our "Food" image contest, as always, was randomly selected from all who entered using a program called "The Hat", the person who will get a copy of the book "Food Photography" by Nicole Young is....

Drum roll please...

(Flickr name) AJones14!!!!

Here are a few of the images he uploaded for the contest:

So AJones14, drop me a note with your snail mail and we'll get the book right out to you.

Because I had to make you wait I want to sweeten the pot just a bit, if you drop me an email and tell me what movie (my absolute favorite movie in the world) the quote "I am a bit behind my time" came from I will send you a little somthin' somthin' (though I am not sure what just yet).

PLEASE, don't cheat by doing a word search.

I will throw all the correct answers into a pot and announce this winner on Tuesday, September 13th (oh no, Tuesday the 13th!).

So there isn't much time so email your answer soon.

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