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Another great DIY resource...

If you are familiar with Scott Kelby, Kelby Training, or DTown TV you've probably seen Larry Becker.

He appears to be a quiet behind the scenes kinda guy but I am sure he is a driving force behind what is going on ("speak softly but carry a big stick" comes to mind).

Well Larry does a segment on DTown called "Cheap Shots" that are low cost, no cost, and do it yourself projects for photographers.

He also has a site "Larry's Cheap Shots" that you will want to visit (and bookmark).

Need a low cost idea for foam padding? How about an inexpensive flash diffuser, or a Speedlight softbox? This white seamless solution (I thought) was brilliant.

Larry is another great resource in the Kelby stables, so check out DTown TV and Larry's Cheap Shots for some great ideas.

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