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Free instructional photography videos...

If you are looking to learn about photography we have a great resource for you, the "Lastolite School of Photography".

It's free and online so if you have an internet connection you'll have some very good instructional videos at your finger tips.

You even have the opportunity to download them to watch when you don't have online access.

The Lastolite School of Photography is available to you via their website, iTunes, and/or their YouTube channel.

There are about 30 videos ranging from just 2 and up to 30 minutes long and yes the videos feature Lastolite softboxes, umbrellas, other lights and modifiers but the information and techniques are applicable regardless of the name on the product.

An umbrella is an umbrella, a softbox is a softbox, and.... well, I think you get my point.


Here's a quick two minute video to give you a "taste" of what they offer. A video "hors d'oeuvres" (I am just soooo witty this morning).

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