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Caught while Mating!

butterfly mating
Photographer: Hakeem

Pheromones play an important role.What is Pheromones? 
They are nothing but a natural odor given off by the butterfly(even humans are no differnt) to attact opposite sex.Pheromones are found in the female butterfly  and it acts as a perfume to attract the male butterfly.The odor is so strong that male butterflies can smell these pheromones up to a mile away.There are some other species of butterflies that have even more concentrated scent that allows the male butterfly to find his mate even at very greater distance.

Mating Process
The male butterfly siezes the female butterfly by her abdomen during mating.they are joined end to end in order to mate.this position allows the male butterfly to inject sperm packet called spermatorphore in the cavity in female butterfly's body.the cavity allows to store the sperm until she is ready to lay her eggs.The sperm then fertilize each egg as it passes down the female egg-laying tube.

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