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The client from hell...

This is a funny video, at least it was while I was watching it.

When it was over I started going through the clients that have said these things to me and I found myself in the fetal position, sobbing like a baby.


But seriously, chances are that there is little you can do for (potential) clients who are fixated on pricing as their focus is strictly on what you cost, NOT the services you provide. Run (not walk) in the other direction because you will never do enough so they will feel they got their money's worth.

Lowering your price to gain one client is such a bad idea for so many reasons, if previous clients find out you "negotiated" they will not be happy they paid the full price and will never come to you again, future clients will expect you to "negotiate" with them as well, and in general it will send the message that you are not serious about what you do.

That said, enjoy the video, subscribers will need to return to the blog to watch it as videos (still) don't get pushed through to you.

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