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Prom night...

This past Friday night was prom night in our town and I shot the daughter of a long time family friend.

We shot in the afternoon and it was a bright sunny day, the perfect time bring the lights outside, so I had my assistant handhold a Westcott Apollo softbox to throw in some light around. I love those softboxes because they're portable, setup in seconds, and have a good size to them.

The flash was used on manual and settings were pretty low, from 1/16 - 1/32, depending on the subjects relationship to the sun. When she was back-lit (like when she was leaning against the car) the flash was at 1/16 to help overpower the sun, when she was standing in the shade (leaning against the wall) the flash was at 1/32, just enough to throw a wisp of light on her.

The flash was fired using pocket wizards.

By far the most difficult part of the shoot was photographing this beautiful young woman who I still remember as the little girl she was when we first met the family.

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