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Timing is everything...

Timing is everything... in photography and in life.

Recently I have been feeling as if I was getting "a bit stale", like I had taken Weekly Photo Tips as far as it could go.

And I did not want to be like the guest who overstayed their welcome or an athlete that played beyond when they should have retired (not that I would over be confused with an athlete, at least not a living one).

Plus, even though I see the stats of our visitors, get the emails and comments, writing this blog still happens in a vacuum. I sit here early in the morning (often still in my jammy pants) writing down my thoughts and putting them online, but sometimes the thoughts do creep in, "are people really reading this, is it really that interesting?".

So I was considering a change and weighing out the options, reducing how often I posted (so that when I did post it would be more relevant and interesting), maybe transitioning into a once a week podcast, or just bringing the blog to an end.

As I was kicking these ideas around a couple things happened that "interrupted" my thought process.

First, Weekly Photo Tips was named one of the "10 Best Photography Blogs" along with folks like Scott Kelby and Joe McNally by the online tech magazine PluggedIn... that's some pretty darn impressive company. They said "The blog is a good mixture of the personal and professional: with good photos to browse". What made me me feel best was that they recognized the "personal" side.

Second, very shortly after this I received a comment from JW Stovall "I discover new and different products and services, that you have checked out. I appreciate that, but what I like the most, is that you are usually very 'upbeat' throughout your posts. This is refreshing, and encourages me to check in often. Thanks!"

These were reaffirming events for me... it made me realize that there are people out there, they do read this, and they do find it interesting.

Thank you!

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