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Westcott Apollo Softbox Review...

Here is our video review of the Westcott Apollo softbox.

Included here are a couple photos showing the wooden dowel extender we added for two reasons:

1. To give the center shaft additional stiffness/rigidity so that when we tighten down the thumb screw (on the flash bracket) it does not dent/collapse the shaft, and

2. When closing the softbox the center ring pulls beyond the shaft, so the next time you use the softbox there is a bit of fumbling (and mumbling) as you try and line up the shaft and center ring

The dowel cost (well) under a dollar and keeps the shaft from getting beat up during use and makes setup just that much easier. We did not glue it in so that if (for what ever reason) it needed to be removed at some point in the future.

Don't misunderstand me, the dowel does not take this from a good softbox to a great one, the Westcott Apollo softbox is outstanding... period.

It simply makes life a little bit easier.

Though they are not on sale right now (current price is $114 with free shipping), Adorama will often have them on sale for $95 with free shipping, so keep an eye on their site.

Below is our video review, subscribers will need to return to the blog or head directly over to our YouTube channel to watch it.

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